Community Pubs Month

In April, CAMRA will be celebrating Community Pubs Month.

This is an opportunity to celebrate the role community pubs, and promote the many ways in which pubs serve their community, and to encourage both CAMRA members and the public to attend events and activities at a local community pub. In doing this, we hope to encourage more pub-users to become a 'regular' at their local community pub.

We encourage all pubs to organise community focused events and activities during April. For many community pubs this may mean no change to what they normally do, but we encourage all pub licensees to look at the range of suggested ideas on our website page, and consider doing something from that list or more than normal.

Your local CAMRA branch may well be contacting you during March to find out what activities and events you have planned for April, and they will be promoting what's going on in your pub to local CAMRA members, and also to the public on their websites.

We encourage you to promote your activities and events using social media. In a recent survey of pub licensees, Facebook and Twitter were highlighted as important to keeping pub regulars informed so that community events were well attended. The days when all your pub regulars visited your pub every week have gone for most pubs, and if a pub regular only visits your pub once a month, they may miss the poster on the wall promoting an event. Listing what's on on a page on your website is fine, but requires your regulars to go to your website to get updates. Pub regulars who follow you on Facebook or Twitter will be better informed and be more likely to visit your pub more regularly, motivated by the events you have organised.