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Since the 1960s, few pub interiors have escaped major change. Over many years, CAMRA's Pub Heritage Group has worked hard to identify and record those pubs which retain traditional interiors or have rooms or features of national importance.

The most intact and precious of these interiors – currently 265 – are listed on our National Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors. A second tier – the Regional Inventories of Historic Pub Interiors – records interiors which, though more altered, still have significant historic and architectural value.

Full details of the Inventories, along with much more information about historic pub interiors and the work of Pub Heritage Group, can be found on the Heritage Pubs website –

The Inventories are constantly evolving. Sadly, many of the pubs have, over the years, either closed or had their historic interiors wrecked. However, we also continue to discover previously unreported or unrecognised gems which merit inclusion.

We campaign to protect historic pub interiors in a variety of ways. We stimulate interest in them through books, articles and the website. We seek statutory listing for the pubs as this gives them extra planning protection – currently 226 of the 265 National Inventory pubs are listed. Where pubs are closed and on the market we try to find new, sympathetic owners by contacting local breweries and other pub owners. We work with like-minded bodies, from Historic England and their equivalents in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland through to local amenity groups, who share our commitment to historic buildings. Finally, where necessary, we lead on campaigns to save particular pubs which are under active threat.

Here you can view the National Inventory of HIstoric Pub Interiors.

Here you can view a List of all pubs with historic interiors.

You can contact Pub Heritage Group at ku.gro.armac.egatirehbup@ofni