Pub Success Stories

Some case studies of pubs that have been saved through local campaigning or by new owners.

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Every year, CAMRA works with local campaigners and others across the country to help save pubs from redevelopment and closure.

In this document you will find examples of pubs which have not only been saved but have gone on to be successful. These “phoenix” pubs had mostly been written off by their previous owners as commercially unviable; in many cases developers had used the argument that the pub was in terminal decline to support their change of use plans. However, our examples go to show that, in the right hands, most pubs can be made to succeed.

The first set of stories feature campaigns by community groups to prevent the loss of their beloved local. We then move on to pubs which were 'failing' or had been closed, sometimes for a long period, but which have been rescued by new owners who saw the potential that the previous regime missed. In each category, we follow up the stories with a list of other saved pubs we know about.

If you have a story you would like to share or if you would like any advice, please contact us on ku.gro.armac,sngiapmacbup@ofni

Here is one example:

George & Dragon, Hudswell North Yorkshire


• The first community-owned pub in North Yorkshire was officially opened by local MP William Hague in June 2010. The pub closed in 2008, so a group of villagers founded the Hudswell Community Pub Initiative to raise funds to buy it back through a variety of grants and award schemes.
• The pub is now open and is busier, friendlier and more profitable than ever before. It has also brought the community closer together and several social groups regularly use the pubs.
• It was crowned CAMRA’s 2016 Pub of the Year, the first community owned pub to take the top prize.