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The CAMRA market research and the Friends on Tap research by Robin Dunbar, of Oxford University, that the vision for pubs was based on.
A presentation - The British Pub - What Does the Future Hold


Pubs and bars are Britain’s most popular leisure destination for adults – British people really love their pubs. CAMRA’s vision is for a great pub in every neighbourhood. Many pubs are thriving, even in the unlikeliest locations, but numbers have fallen dramatically in recent times. Some of this is down to changing social habits, some to the attractiveness of pub buildings to developers, some for other reasons.

Pubs can’t afford to stand still. Competition for people’s time and money is fiercer than ever – not just from supermarkets and other home-based drinking suppliers but also from alternative venues like café/bars, coffee shops and casual dining chains.

CAMRA campaigns both to promote and protect our pubs. It isn’t for us to tell pub owners and licensees how to run their pubs. However, as campaigners, we will seek to influence their thinking by highlighting what customers want and what seems to work in attracting that custom.

We have carried out market research into the likes and dislikes of all pub-goers (not just CAMRA members) and the outcomes inform and shape what follows.

Here is the direct link to the results of that market research:

What Do People Want From Pubs?

Our research shows that pub-goers are looking for four qualities in particular:

Great Customer Service

  • friendly reception for regulars and strangers alike.
  • safe, welcoming environment that makes all customers feel happy and comfortable.
  • quick, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and polite service at the bar.
  • value for money (not meaning cheap, but value in relation to quality).
  • efforts to obtain customer feedback.

Quality in Everything on Offer

  • great real ale served in top condition.
  • a range of other appealing drinks, alcoholic and otherwise.
  • food, where offered, freshly prepared, 'home cooked' and well presented.
  • attention to cleanliness, especially the toilets.
  • easily available, comprehensive information about what the pub offers and when.

Choice and Variety

In any given area, people are keen to have a choice of pubs which cater for their particular interests or their wants at a given time. Pub users therefore hope to find pubs which focus on one or more of the following:

  • great beer, cider and perry;
  • top quality food;
  • local produce;
  • free wi-fi and strong phone signal;
  • sport or music.
  • catering for families.
  • making the most of their historic interiors;
  • having a clear identity and/or individual character;
  • just being great 'all-rounders'.

Community Connection

Separate research has revealed the value of community pubs in promoting health and well-being along with community cohesion. Such pubs might well:

  • encourage social interaction and put something back into the community.
  • run events like quizzes, music nights and beer festivals.
  • provide meeting space for local clubs, societies and groups.
  • provide good access for disabled people.
  • where possible, have facilities for families like a garden and children's play area.
  • raise funds for charities.


Pub users tell us they want to see pubs keeping the best of the traditional but also acknowledging that the world is always changing and adapting accordingly.

Basically, CAMRA wants lots of great pubs and so do pub users.